Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Chosen

Pick a lane stay in it
Cruise the express
Or drive slow as shit
Change it up if you see fit
Make up your mind
And go for it or be one of those unreliable pricks
Be a friend only you mean it
Not just in moments of convenience
Dare to really be there
Then speak empty words that falsely asure
Your friendcount on media dont measure your worth.
Get off your ass and do the work.
Not in your free minute or at a better time.
If they need you give them a dime
They chose you in their dire time.
Be what they need to find
Not a knock off with the fake ass shine
You know the one who wastes your time

Know when to fold them

Deal me out.
Shove your tainted hand.
I have no desire
to play all the pretend.
Cant really end what never began
See I no longer want a part
There is no what was just a
never been.
More like bullet points
followed and approval lent
Deviance requires repent
Loyalty misrepresents
trust broken and spent.
There are a special few
my guardians tried and true.
Reprieve from the black and blue.
The sultans of exclusion and all.things cruel. Friends deciding which lies they make truth.

With this I fold my hand, I say goodbye to some of the worst excuse for human beings I ever met. The road that brought me here will return me from where I came.

Guess its a shock I would leave all the pain.inflicted. It will be my greatest moment and I hope all.those who caused me emotional harm.will rot in.hell.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Over Easy

Secrets and lies
Are one in the same
Don't ask 
Don't tell
Game over and played

Who’s t fault 
Who’s to blame
Disguised as a friend
I bought every line
I’m here for you always 
You are my kind

Lover came along
So did goodbye

Stayed in my orbit
But blindly pass by
Through unbearable losses
And tear filled nights

Not saying anything 
Amounts to a lie
Shut the door
Dare not pry

Dangle hope
I'm the fool that tried
Is invisible a feeling?
I think maybe it might
Is disappearing
magic or is it a right?

Trapped in the void
The one with no end in sight
Carefully walk some imaginary line
My broken soul trapped 
A decision arrives
Indifference is more painful
Then saying good bye

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Destination Unkown

I seldom visit this place
No less extend invitations
I lead strangers to this
story, time and place.
The story behind this wall
Lays in an alcove safe
It's lessons lead me to write this today.
Machined is a chronicle
Of  opportunity lost
Gathering intel
Hedging bets at all costs
An insane desire a need to know
The truth is still left untold
There are forces in life
Beyond our control
Beware of those -the have but not hold
Don't dismiss a connection-that gut feel
If it pervades, know it is real
To my counterpart in crime
I'll take your five and raise 10 times
Last hand we played was '09
Deal the cards, yours, mine


Sunday, October 18, 2015


Truth be told, no ending has ever been written because my desire is that the person who set this in motion should pen the ending. There is no definitive end for me to write at this time.

When I heard this song, it stuck in my gut for days, not my words but I will borrow them with credit of course. Til that certain person decides to speak their truth.

Drive the cloud away we will fall from last to none
The dark before the dawn
The war will carry on
Look for the light that leads me home
Tired of feeling lost
Tired of letting go
Tear the whole world down
Tear the whole world down
Tired of wasting breath
Tired of nothing left
Tear The whole world down
Tear the whole world down
We bury the sunlight we bury the sunglight
Failure Failure

BEN BURNLEY nearly drank himself to death and now suffers from a chronic painful illness that doctors have no answers for. After a five year medical break with no solutions to his health condition, he released Dark Before Dawn and has decided to go on with his music and live his life on the road doing what he loves for however long he has. So glad his song spoke to me.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What Lies Behind

All stories I have written
Remain here. It is their home.
Their space.

I pray for a journey to a peaceful place where there is light and freedom from turmoil and pain.
Free from caring for those who do not care. Create a resolution in the empty space of the one that has not come. Bless me as I walk away in the shadow of all the others.

This is not my burden to carry. God bless all those represented behind this wall